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Please share ANY tactics you've tried to eliminate stink bugs from your home, whether they've worked or not. We can all learn from each other. Please be as specific as possible!


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Drop them in rubbing alcohol. Best to use rubber gloves when you do.

Well, I dont think I have an infestation but who knows.  I live in Buffalo, NY and around 1230AM while innocently sitting at my kitchen table and watching movies on netflix, a bug just shot out of nowhere and landed on my kitchen light.  Not willing to touch it or crush it (and my husband was asleep), i went to the cupboard for raid. i didnt have any regular bug killer.  i have yard guard (joke) and wasp killer.  i thought the wasp killer would be more effective.  i must've gotten lucky because i hit it with the first shot and it landed on a blanket.  I drowned it in the stuff and the fr was still moving like it wasnt fazed at all!!!!!!  i didnt know what to do so i just kept drowning it and drowning it.  i sprayed and sprayed and it finally stopped moving enough for me just throw the blanket outside.  It is officially dead but did not emit any odors from being scared or whatever but that could be because the wasp spray is foamy.  IS IT LIKELY THAT I WILL SEE MORE?  these are creepy things and i watched that video where they are in the grill -that man was BRAVE!

did the picture come through?


Hello Tiffany,   I'm very sorry to say that I checked your picture and that is a stinkbug.  To catch any strays that you may see, fill a coffee can (or something similar) 1/2 full of hot water and add about 1/2 cup of dishwashing liquid (I have used Dawn)  Hold it close to the stinkbug and it will jump in and die.  You can put the lid on the coffee can, set it aside somewhere and reuse.  If you have seen one, you will most likely see more.  Read through this site and you will find solutions for getting rid of stinkbugs.  While you may just see a few sbs here and there over the winter, you will find out how badly your infestation is in the spring.  They begin to move outward for the summer, typically sometime in April, when they will become very active.  They are attracted to light and warmth, often being attracted to tv's and lights. It sounds like yours came from the attic area.  You may want to have your husband have a look up there and you may want to treat the area before spring as well as doing some caulking in the kitchen and any other areas you may see sbs.  If you would like to read it, I have compiled a document that contains information that can be helpful in controlling sbs.  If you contact me at I will be happy to send the document to you.

i was hoping this was an isolated incident :(

do they really jump in the can?  i will have my husband check the attic.

LOl, I'm not touching them!

Hey Tiffany,


O'L JC will take care of ya!


Just remember, they are still Gods creatures.

Hey Hey TurdleMan,

Da Chief says kill em all....stinking stink bugs...swarming my teepee they are by the hundreds....

Kill em all...JC says you have to get a hose, attach a gallon of alcohol and spray em down.....I did that...but was smoking a ciggarette and wow...they stink when they burn too....even worse than my hair and eyebrows.....;]

God's creatures or not....I gonna blow torch them!

U sound very violent Chief.

Its a beutiful day, get out and get some fresh air.

We purchased a Bugzooka on Amazon but I understand they can be found in stores too.

It has a very long handle where you can be a foot or two away from the stinkbug and push a button and

the stinkbug is captured.  Then you can get rid of the stinkbug by opening the trap door and disposing of it. 

We capture and then drown and dispose of them.  It is great because I do not like to get anywhere near the bugs. And I found myself having to spray the bug repeatedly which really stained my walls and windows indoors. The Bugzooka saved all of that. As everytime we use bug spray indoors, we spend too much time cleaning walls and windows as these sprays claim not to stain but they do and I ruined a very nice shade with bug spray trying to get one. So Bugzooka to the rescue for capture and it is great.

Plus we spray our house with a power washer sprayer and insecticide we buy at Lowes. We have had good results overall.Most exterminators in our area of Central PA say it is not worth it to spray the house for stinkbugs but they will do it of course but they also told us we can do it ourselves if we have a power washer and the right pesticide.  We got lucky and did it ourselves but then again, we have never gotten hundreds of them a day ..the worst was about 3 dozen per day a few yrs ago.  It is different for those getting hundreds or thousands, then I recommend an exterminator for sure.

We have our home sprayed quarterly by Dominion Pest Control. They use a product called Demand CS that lasts for 3 months. Yes, it does hold up in the elements (rain and sunlilght). This has proven to be effective for us. You still see SBs during the swarm period, but they die after walking on your house. The many dead little stinkies that you find is proof of this. Observe the areas where you notice the most activity and you may find their favorite entry points. Caulk around interior doors, windows (top, sides, bottom), baseboards, attic entry points, chimneys, dryer vents, where cable and electric enter the home. Remove window air conditioner units and store in lawn and leaf bags, taped shut. Screen ceiling exhaust fans, a/c return air vents, gable end attic vents, ridge vents. Keep your flue closed when you are not using fireplaces/woodstoves. Place childproofing plugs in unused electrical recepticles. Make sure screens fit tightly and repair tears. Caulk the area where garages and porches meet the house. I have caulked around the ceiling light in my bedroom where I noticed activity in the spring (before I started quarterly sprayings.) Caulk inside and outside closet doors. There is a product called fingertip rope caulk that is available at Lowe's for those who are not handy with caulk. I have used a clear acrylic product by Liquid Nails that is fairly easy to apply. A 50/50 mixture of Dawn dishwashing liquid and water is effective in killing them. You can spray it on them or hold a container (coffee can?) of this mixture up to them and they will jump in. Collect quite a few before disposing. I spray Deep Woods off on the screens when they are swarming and am able to keep some windows open. Turn off outside lights and close drapes in the evening during the spring, summer and fall as light and heat attract them. If you are only going to spray once a year, the most important time is late August, or the month of September. Yes you may see a lot of activity after spraying but this is because they were hiding under your siding or in crevices and the spray has driven them out.
Some people vacuum them up and throw away the bags but they may spray and stink up the sweeper. I understand that they do not 'bite', but do know that they can release their spray when agitated. I also know of people who have slept on top of one that made it's way into their bed and and had a burn type mark that lasted for two weeks where the trapped bug released it's irritating and oily defense spray. I have also recently read of several incidences in West Virginia where the SB flew into the eyes and resulted in a burn type irritation to the eye. Please don't ignore the BMSB as it is not as 'harmless' as some would lead us to believe and logic tells us the population will only multiply as time goes by unless we do something to control it.
I wish Dominion would come out our way..I called too far...I have been spraying with soapy tobacco water and it seems to help...I tried the most effective thing yesterday by spraying with 91% alcohol and they died belly up with in seconds...I keep spray bottles full and get them when they land on the window screens...any ideas about how to get them out of the chimney (our damper is closed but I am sure it has hundreds lining the walls of the chimney from the outside...just waiting for me to open it up and let them in...I plan to try a fogger and then open the chimney damper to trap and kill them (also I will cover the exterior with screen from the roof top chimney cap to trap them this way and duct tape screen on the inside fireplace to chimney with screen to prevent them coming in once I set the fogger off there...I HATE STINKBUGS....
where are you? pro tech pest control in fairfax will do spraying in loudoun and fauquier counties, va but I find doing it ourselves cheaper


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